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Rani is one of the leading Juice Brands in the Middle East & North AfricaRani is currently available in Four product formats


PROJECT TYPE Website Designing
CLIENT NAME Rani Refreshment

Rani Refreshment is the trademark owner to premier beverages brands including Rani and Barbican, while ACCBC is an authorised manufacturer and distributer of RR’s products.

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The Story

Rani float became one part of Aujan industries (1982-2012). By the year of 2012, ACCBC (Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company) is formed by the partnership agreement between Aujan industries and Coca-Cola. There are three kinds of rani that are:

  1. Rani Float
  2. Rani Fruit Drink
  3. Rani Refreshing

It is a real fruit juice drink (chunks) that has vitamin C and other things like protein and calcium. it is currently available in cans, glass bottles, pet bottles and fibre brick.


Website Design and Development

Rani decided to revamp their website holistically to achieve a brand new look and feel to become more appealing to it target audience. More so, a responsive type of website was also looked upon in consideration of the current digital trend.

Speed and Compatibility

Rani’s website is composed of several images and videos to improve its aesthetics and visual appearance. Most of the time, these factors are detrimental in creating a website due to the fact that that it will cause slowness, Boopin, as a competent website developer in Dubai was able to work on the backend the speed of the website was never compromised and still able to provide instant feedback as user clicks on any link. Moreover, the Rani website was developed to especially be compatible with any device and browser, the social media sharing functionality was also instigated to upgrade its usefulness and usability.

Responsive Website

In this time and age, more and more people are relying on their mobile, as per the digital trend, target audiences are most of the time accessing every website and other online portals through their mobile. We designed Rani website to be responsive, this means that it will fit properly on various devices that the target audience is using. It will improve customer journey and will definitely upgrade customer experience.

Rani hold market leadership positions within the respective beverage category in which each competes. Rani is the leader in the juice drink category, while Barbican in the malt beverages category.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • UX strategy
  • Concept development
  • Content strategy
  • User testing & research
  • UX Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • CMS Systems