About Branding and Corporate Identity

Branding can be referred as designing a consistent theme, a unique name and identifying the attributes of your product or the service you’re offering. If you think that establishing your own brand is easy, then, think again, it takes a lot to get through this process. There are countless hours of pondering and inquisitive approaches that involve in this process. Mostly we’re concerned with the outcomes but we also understand that when it’s a positive outcome, the work, and the campaigns need to be extremely compelling.

The process of branding gives you overall theme and name which will be applied to the brand, the theme will then be carried out towards, if possible, the entire life of the brand. Talk about campaigns, enlightening social media themes, and messages that would compel the consumer to purchase your products or take advantage of the service and make it a part of their daily lives.

Since Boopin also acts as Branding Company in Singapore will help you build your own brand, from design to execution. Rest assured that we are your ally in providing your business the right amount of exposure and identity in the market.

A corporate identity as widely defined is the manner which a corporation, firm or business presents or expose themselves to the public including the impression it leaves them. Creating your own identity is extremely important because this will help you pegged to an existence that will help keep you afloat in the market today. Every business will always have a competitor so it is always better to be prepared. Therefore, a business needs to make sure your identity has been properly established, which will make people loyal to you and your words that would be used during branding.

Boopin as a branding consultancy based in Singapore, we will help cement your grounds in the market for today so you will always have an edge over the competition in terms of your product and the services you are offering. We always make sure that you capitalize on this so you will always be able to get the proper recognition your business is aiming for.

At Boopin, we are always looking forward to establishing a stable professional relationship with you. Being a client isn’t enough since we are about relationships, we are always aiming to make sure we create a theme that is synonymous with people and what they look for to be loyal. We want to make sure that you are not just publicized properly but also perceived as if you are part of the family, the family of people to whom you are targeting, or your potential customers. These are the reasons as for why we were able to benchmark ourselves as a leading branding company in Singapore.

Nowadays, companies are concerned about their image, considering the current situation of the industry. The market is being bombarded with everyone hammering their brand names and identities into people’s mind. Gone are the days when guarantees existed, now there are hundreds of products that do the exact same thing. For example, there are multiple kinds of dishwashers available in the market, each and every one does the exact same thing. How can you differentiate between them? Distinction. Recall. Unambiguous.

We, at Boopin, need to understand how you can relate with the consumer on an extremely positive scale and make sure you are on top of their minds. As reputable branding agency in Singapore, we understand that your brand needs to be satisfying in all aspects. As more technology makes it easier for people to dig up information about a product, it also provides more channels to make it seamless, so we need to be positive, with quality and engage in such a way too.

Logo or emblem is composed mainly of a letter or sometimes, purely graphic. This is pivotal in every business as it helps in the promotion and recognition from the public. So, what are the things that we’re trying to highlight when it comes to making the brand identity?

Boopin would like to make sure we are on par with the current market’s standard. Our competent creative team can bring out the best in every logo that we work on, our collective experiences in the industry have sharpened our skills to establish a branding company like no other. Moreover, we Gather needful attention, the right attention from the right target audience, harness the true power of creating awareness through the brand’s identity and inspire trust and loyalty through the logo. Because of this, every company will be able to make a meaningful difference in the Singapore market, thus creating milestones in the process.

In line with these, every logo being created must be able to establish the brand’s image and provide the viewers with a vision of what the brand is all about. Therefore, it must be eye-catching and unique enough to be recognized and create an impact on your target audience. Once this is achieved, your brand will become a household name and everyone will unconsciously market and advertise to you in a manner that you never expected.

At Boopin, we take research seriously as part of the branding process and take everything to the next level. With customer loyalty on our mind, every research that we partake is based on the factual evidence with a common goal to exceed the satisfaction of our clientele.

We are concerned with the following aspects to make sure you are untouched and unhindered. This is what we do to make sure your brand is a standout and these are the vital pillars of the research that is conducted;

  • Collateral materials – catalogues, flyers, and brochures.
  • Website Presence – this entails social media, landing pages, banners, badges, emails, etc.
  • Stationary – the letterheads to make things official, stamps and invoice that makes your brand a proper company to be reckoned with
  • Merchandise – to make sure you are remembered for days and weeks
  • Content – social media platforms, e-books, blogs, you name it, we’re doing it
  • Advertising – the most important part of the brand identity, where and when the ads will appear,

YES! Stories help relate things to people, they feel connected and that they are taken care of regardless of the analogy. The way to develop a good story is to have a strong presentation from the. Most brands try to follow but when the consumers try different things, they tend to refrain from adopting.

As a competent branding consultant, we always adapt to survive and to cater to the changing needs of our customers. We understand that in a competitive market that we have today we have to extremely be competitive and wilful for doing the right thing. That will help change not only the consumer’s view of us but also the overall identity of the brand which will be related to the target audience that we have. We must always make sure that the overall brand identity is as close to the heart of the consumer as possible and also make sure the brand identities not just the basic guidelines of the brand, but also the principles of the consumer. The overall brand identity will appear to the consumer as a story that they will know and believe in, it needs to have the tangible presence in their hearts and in their lives.